The "Closing The Bones" ceremony* is by far the most popular ritual I provide. This technique has been studied by trauma specialists and has been found to have profound neurological implications for trauma integration and mental wellness. It is a ritual to be used in a moment of transition, when you are letting something go, and embracing a new beginning. If you have questions about other rituals, for example, the "Blessingway" ceremony, please just inquire.

*This ritual is adapted and used in many contexts, and with various methods, throughout the world. To honor the sources from which my personal practice stems: a version of this ritual was originally taught to me by Jaguar Carrell, who learned it from Mexican midwife, Angela Martinez. 

closing the bones

Involves ceremonial tight wrapping of a rebozo shawl around your body. Somewhat like being swaddled, as an adult.

This ritual is an excellent way to be pampered and honored for your hard work.

Helps to realign your pelvis after birth.

Can be done any time after fourth trimester (3-4 months after giving birth). Some seek this out decades after birth.

Ideal ritual for someone who has recently finished breastfeeding a child.

Can effectively help you integrate a miscarriage, abortion, or other pregnancy-related loss.

Safe space for processing the difficult and possibly even traumatic aspects of birth experience.

Beautiful celebration of what you are grateful for in birth journey.

Your ritual is customised for your needs. It can include:

- Oracle card readingโ€‹

- Medicinal vaginal steaming

- Medicinal herb bath

- Traditional postpartum massage, including womb massage 

- Healing song for you and your baby

The fee for this ritual, including supplies, is 220โ‚ฌ.

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