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Throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum Annie was a constant pillar of support. After a traumatic birth experience with my son, I wanted to prepare myself as best I could for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) with my daughter. Annie always made my VBAC seem attainable. They gave me confidence and a safe space to share my feelings, fears, and wishes. They helped me navigate hyperemis gravidarum and gestational diabetes!

When the big day finally arrived, Annie was by my side through many hours of prodromal labor. Their words made me feel safe, their massages kept me relaxed, and I am convinced that the exercises we did during my labor optimized my daughter's position.

My VBAC was the most empowering and healing experience of my life and there is no way – even though I know Annie would say “of course you could have!” – that I could have achieved it without them. Annie’s support meant so much to us. Thank you, Annie for everything!" 



Annie is born to be a doula. She is caring, compassionate, extremely knowledgeable and bring such peaceful, calm energy. I am so grateful to have had Annie by my side while giving birth to my second child. 

I know for sure that the natural birth of my second child went so smoothly because of the amazing support I received from Annie. She was able to give me emotional support throughout the experience, excellent guidance (she encouraged me to follow my instincts), plus she exercised effective communication skills and also gave me magical massages throughout labor and during painful contractions. She really is very talented. 

If you are in any doubt at all as to whether you need a doula or would like a doula by your side during labor then go for it, if it's an option for you. I highly recommend that you contact Annie. The benefits that my husband and I experienced from having her there are endless. 

I felt so healthy emotionally and physically immediately after the birth and to this day (four weeks later), and this is because of Annie's support and how her involvement enabled me to avoid complications and allowed me to enjoy the experience. It's fantastic for me to be able to spend these early weeks with my newborn without any stress. I feel relaxed and energised. Thank you, Annie!"



From the first moment we met Annie, we were amazed by her extensive knowledge and naturally positive approach. I felt I could ask her anything and she would always elaborate on all options and fully respect my wishes. In our sessions before the birth, she gave me so much confidence and helped me believe in myself and in my natural instincts, and this came to a climax during my birth. 

My delivery went better than I could have imagined, completely natural and relatively quick, and I attribute a lot of this to Annie being with us. She gave us full support while allowing me and my husband our privacy and intimacy. Annie is so sensitive, I did not have to speak—(at times I couldn't)—but she knew exactly what would help me and how to suggest it, in her special quiet and reassuring manner. 

I could not imagine my birth without Annie and can only hope she will be available for all my future babies."


When I look back at my home birth I feel empowered. Annie was an essential part of achieving my ideal birth. She helped to reassure me that everything was okay and indeed going beautifully in the times that I had doubts or did not believe fully in myself. I have a few distinct memories of my birth that I am very fond of that include Annie. The first one is when she sang "Killing Me Softly" while I was in the transitioning part of labour. Her beautiful voice resonated in my flat and it was extremely relaxing.

The second memory I have is when my baby's head was born, the baby began to cry and because I didn't realize her head had come out I looked at Annie and in all seriousness asked, "Whose baby is crying?" ... She reassured me that the crying baby was mine. It was definitely comical. The third memory I have, which was one of the most comforting, is when Annie made scrambled eggs after I had given birth because all the restaurants were closed. I was so thankful. I had a really amazing, safe, healthy home birth which I could not have had without having such a wonderful and supportive team."



I believe some people are just special, and Annie is certainly one of them...She helped us plan and navigate this emotional and amazing path of delivering a baby in the calmest of ways. Annie understood all our aspirations, fears and risks, but more so our hopes. Her support allowed us to bring our little boy into this world in a safe, calm and loving way, and we are thankful for her expertise and wisdom. 

My husband is from Germany----he and his family are from Cologne----and I am from Argentina. So by definition it would be just us when baby would arrive. Same as with our first baby, we started our doula-finding journey very early in our pregnancy. Annie was recommended to us, and it was a match made in heaven!

We were also glad we were able to have Annie assisting us when the baby was home, particularly when we were exhausted and she stayed overnight allowing us to recover and be fitter the next day!"


From the first day we met Annie, my husband and I felt a strong connection to her, due to her empathetic approach in empowering us throughout our exciting yet physically and emotionally vulnerable journey. 

She was a reassuring companion who listened to our concerns and fears without judgement, but with understanding and care. After every meeting, we always felt more calm and confident. 

Annie had the ability to emotionally protect both my husband and myself during my marathon childbirth, by providing both professional and mental support the whole time. She supported us immensely to have the most positive and memorable birthing experience possible. 

Words cannot thank them enough; we will never forget the awesome team of 3 we were! Thank you very much, Annie!"



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"Having Annie's help at night during the first three weeks of my baby's life was a life saver. I didn't initially think I needed night help but Annie suggested it. The absolute best nights were when she was here.

She helped me to establish a good latch when breastfeeding and rubbed my sore feet and back during the endless hours of feeding a newborn. She also held the baby for countless hours so I could rest knowing someone was keeping a close eye on him."



I did all the planning, all the reading, all the class-going that I possibly could. In the end though I learned that there isn't necessarily anything reliable about the progression of labor. Nothing went as I expected or as I had "planned." Through it all though, the one reliable thing was Annie and her incredible support. I could count on her to support me physically, emotionally, and spiritually through the whole process with its ups and downs.

She was a tremendous help and reassuring pillar for both myself and my husband as we embarked on this amazing journey. Her support was integral not only to the day that our daughter was born, but also to our recovery with her wonderful aftercare services."



We were so grateful to have Annie as our doula for the birth of our daughter. The talks we had before the birth and the support during labor enabled us to have a positive and beautiful birth. Her knowledge and support in breastfeeding in the weeks after birth were also invaluable."


We absolutely loved working with Annie. At every step of the way, she was exactly what we needed. During pregnancy, she walked us through the whole birth process, so that we felt calm and prepared. As a non-German speaker, it also made my whole pregnancy feel calmer to know that we would have Annie there with us, to translate the German, as well as the 'medical' during delivery. When it came time for labor, we very much felt in the hands of an experienced professional, but Annie also has the warmth of a close friend there to reassure us, guide us, and see us through labor and delivery.

At every stage, I have so appreciated Annie's approach—extremely knowledgeable, with ideas and guidance based on her research and experience, but also with the fundamental goal of supporting us to make the decisions that worked best for us. I have been so glad to have Annie's support in this, and would highly recommend her to anyone!"


I wasn't sure that I needed a doula in the beginning, but now I can't imagine not having had Annie there to support us throughout the birth experience of our little guy! Her genuinely sweet and caring nature was so important during my labor/birth. She made sure I was properly hydrated and comfortable (as much as one can be during labor anyway). I didn't have to deal with anything except being in the moment of my labor. 

In our meetings, it was always so easy to discuss the joys/worries and expectations I had during the whole process (from pregnancy to postpartum) with her as well. Especially helpful was her knowledge of all the physical/emotional changes each stage can bring. She also gives amazing massages! Thank you, Annie!"



Giving birth to my son was a long and complicated process, and I'm so grateful Annie was there with me. She is a sensitive and helpful person, who knew exactly what I needed and when I needed it during the different stages of my labor. Her calm and gentle nature made me feel secure and assured that I could make it through this difficult process.

She speaks German well, which she used to communicate with my husband and the Hebammen. Annie was also a great help during my postpartum period. She was there for all my problems and questions, and she gives good massages!" 




Initially, we weren’t entirely sure if we needed or could afford a doula, and the first doula candidate that we contacted did not convince us at all. But after receiving a recommendation from a friend, we decided to speak to Annie. We were travelling, so it was only possible via skype. We didn’t know what to expect, but—that’s Annie’s magic—after 30 minutes of a video call, not only did we totally trust her; we couldn’t imagine her not being present during the birth of our first child.


I guess this magic can be best explained as the mixture of extreme competence (Annie is amazingly well read in all the new research) and extreme empathy. It was particularly remarkable how she managed to connect both with us as a couple and to each of us separately, equally feeling into our specific wishes, questions, hurdles and challenges. And while during the birth Joanna (a bit surprisingly to herself) mostly sought to limit any external interactions, it still wouldn’t be possible without Annie as a smooth facilitator, always coming up with discreet yet immensely helpful interventions (battery operated fan, cooling compress, water and many more) that allowed the mother-to-become to stay in the bubble of peace and concentration. Not to mention the relief brought by the post-birth massage. Thank you, Annie!"



Truth be told I didn't realize at the time just how important this role was going to be for me, but I knew I needed a doula. Thankfully, someone recommended Annie to me and after we met her we knew we would go with her right away. She was very patient and warm and calmed a lot of my fears about the birthing process. During my pregnancy she was very open to answering any questions they could and checked in on us often.

When it came time to have my baby she was there at the hospital when I needed her and stuck with me for the whole process. And it was not an easy process. My birth didn't go as planned (which I hear it usually doesn't) and I had a long, complicated labor. Annie never left my side. I was prepared for the physical struggle of pregnancy and labor, but the emotional struggle blindsided me. I'm so thankful to Annie for navigating me through it and for empowering me through this process. She was my tribe of women all rolled into one."

-Kelly & DAVID


My husband and I refer to Annie as "magic." Her calming and nurturing nature puts you at ease within seconds. She's kind and nonjudgemental and helped us immensely." 


Annie brings wisdom, experience, and infinite caring to their work as a doula. Annie helped me prepare for an empowering birth by processing my previous birth experience together, connecting through meditation to generations of women who went before me, and encouraging me to trust in my family's readiness for our baby's entry into the world. 

During the birth, Annie held my hand as I pushed, with my partner holding my feet. From their post-birth visit, through our subsequent work together, Annie has supported me emotionally by listening to and advising me, as well as by celebrating the everyday joys of life with a baby."


Annie has such a sweet demeanor, incredibly warm and gentle. Truly a baby whisperer, with a singing voice to match. And to top it all off, she is fully trained to handle tough situations (i.e. allergic reactions, CPR, etc.)"


Annie helped us feel calm during the whole process and focus on the birth itself, without having to worry about anything else. Her voice, presence, patience and experience made all the difference for us and I felt supported and loved throughout the entire process.

I couldn't be happier that Annie was there with us before, during and after the birth of our son Robin. From our first conversation I knew that I would feel better with her by our side. Thank you Annie for helping Robin come into this world so beautifully!" 




We were extremely fortunate to have Annie as our doula when our second daughter was born. 

And again postpartum, her unique blend of a calm and confident yet never imposing character was instrumental in establishing a peaceful environment in our home during that first crucial week with a newborn."



With Annie's experience, love and openness, they made it easy for us to share our own constantly evolving expectations, fears and needs with each other along the journey.

Being „only“ in the support role as the partner has its own challenges, but thanks to Annie’s guidance and inclusive approach it felt like a true team effort. Getting in tune with my wife and her needs during labour was an incredibly empowering experience which I will never forget.“ 




When I got pregnant with our third child I knew my husband wouldn't be able to be with me during the birth because he'd have to take care of our children. The birth was planned for a Geburtshaus, but I was worried I might end up in a hospital for unexpected complications and I wanted to be 100% sure I would have someone with me for emotional support. So I got in contact with Annie, met her, liked her right away and decided to have her by my side during my birth. It was a perfect decision! 


Annie was very considerate, helpful and complemented my midwife perfectly. I felt very well taken care of and highly recommend her. Thanks so much, Annie. Thanks to you my mind was at ease during my pregnancy and birth."



Annie’s massage made a very great impact on me and I have since realized that it has directed me to a new path on my journey of discovering my body, love, and spirituality.
Since the massage, I've been feeling much closer to my body, more aware of my desires and boundaries, and how to better take care of myself.
I am so grateful for this experience with Annie and feel very excited about where the effects of this new experience will take me."


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I knew I wanted a bilingual doula and I couldn't be happier with having chosen Annie. She was a consistently reassuring and warm presence throughout the pregnancy, helping especially when I was concerned about eating a "proper" diet.


She was instrumental in helping us advocate for the kind of birth we wanted and was critical in keeping my spirits up during what was a very long labour and delivery. We love Annie and can't recommend her highly enough."


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