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Annie Kocher, CD (DTI) is a queer feminist doula based in Berlin, Germany. They have been a full-time birth and postpartum doula since their graduation from Brown University in 2014. Annie’s mission is to hold space for a better world to be born through softness, trust-building, and grassroots care work.

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We sincerely believe Annie is a natural-born healer; from the powerful, perfectly pinpointed massages and intuitive physical support she gave during our very long delivery to her kind, soulful, and empathetic approach to every conversation and situation, she played an invaluable, integral role in our child’s introduction to the world. 

As newcomers to Germany, we were thrilled to meet Annie. Not only did she walk us through the often complicated, intimidating process of having a baby in Berlin, but she was our advocate throughout this life-changing experience. She made us feel supported and empowered as a team in every decision we made. She is both highly knowledgeable—easily referencing the latest studies and various schools of thought—and a peaceful, reassuring presence. We can’t imagine our pregnancy or our baby boy’s birth without Annie. We can’t recommend her enough."



My practice is founded in reverence for birthing people of all colors, respect for radical vulnerability, passion for creating safer spaces, and appreciation of unconventional, queer, disabled and gender non-conforming experiences of fertility and parenting. My work is based in an anti-oppression framework in which I prioritize slowness, awareness, openness, and other pre-patriarchal ways of being. 

In our world, having body literacy as a birth giver is radical. 
Finding power within, as opposed to fighting for power over, is radical.

Embracing chaos, the unknown, and forces we cannot control with gratitude and acceptance is radical.
Having a queer, non-binary or otherwise extra-ordinary engagement with birth is radical.

And you deserve to have your process witnessed and accompanied as it is.
To be courageously embodied is your birthright. 
To be honored and respected in the midst of fear and vulnerability is your birthright.
Birth is the ultimate teacher and we have the opportunity to be its students through this intersectional creative process. 

Let's engage your heart, soul, body and mind together to birth more love into the world.