What makes working with me so special? when you are working with me, you've chosen a doula who


  1. Speaks fluent German and English

  2. Has extensive education, training and experience (see CV or Bio)

  3. Is internationally certified by a rigorous, culturally diverse and renowned organisation (DTI)

  4. Is a Spinning Babies practitioner 

  5. Is a trained lactation consultant

  6. Is Red Cross certified in CPR & professional rescue skills

  7. Only takes on three clients per month, which means having ample care, time, attention and resources to spend on each client. Has never had two clients in labor at once

  8. Includes comprehensive childbirth education in prenatal sessions

  9. Supports without judgement; puts your priorities first

  10. Works with a high level of spiritual awareness 

  11. Is informed by their lived queer experience & is familiar w/ queer care competencies (incl. chestfeeding, non-gestational parental nursing & nursing for trans* women, conception after T, & giving birth while trans*) 

  12. Integrates an understanding of trauma healing methods in their practice

  13. Forms genuine, trusting relationships with their clients

  14. Is highly respected in the Berlin birth community 



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