Holding space for Shanay as she breathes through active labor waves at home.

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Annie Kocher, CD (DTI) is a bilingual queer feminist doula based in Berlin, Germany. Birth work called them shortly after graduating from Brown University in 2014, and they’ve been a full-time birth and postpartum doula since. In their free time, Annie loves to spend time with their cat, pole dance, practice yin yoga, sing & write songs, and read voraciously about physiology, reproductive justice, and altered states.

Annie’s mission as a birth worker is to create meaningful change in people’s lives through softness, trust, and grassroots care work. Annie is on Earth to hold space for a more radical, more just, more femme-safe world to be born.

Annie has accompanied more than 100 families in their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journeys. They have experience accompanying

  • home birth

  • birthing center (Geburtshaus) birth

  • birth in almost every hospital in berlin

  • water birth

  • VBAC

  • multiples (twins and triplets)

  • LGBTQ+ parents and creatively structured families

  • trans* parents

  • first time parents as well as second and third

  • induction birth

  • planned cesarean birth

  • families from all over the world, including Germany, the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Israel, France, Spain, Finland, Holland, Estonia, Iceland, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Croatia, Ireland, England, Australia, Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia and Mongolia 


A trained lactation consultant, Annie has completed advanced education in the anatomy and physiology of breastfeeding with Indira Lopez Bassols, IBCLC. As someone who has studied the physiology of labor and birth in depth, Annie helps clients use hormones and movement to their advantage to encourage the safest, smoothest labor possible. Annie is a Spinning Babies practitioner, with the skills to assist clients prenatally in psoas release, womb balancing, and optimal fetal positioning. They are additionally trained in rebozo techniques for pregnancy, birth and the postpartum time.  

The whole team—midwife, partner and doula, gathers to support Shanay in her strength and vulnerability.

Annie is a childbirth educator with a commitment to staying up to date with current research and literature on the perinatal period. They use this commitment to help families receive evidence-based care from their medical providers during birth. 

Annie helps clients navigate birthing in Berlin, demystifying Berlin birthing systems, providing resources, recommendations and referrals. Annie is also as much a translator as doula at many births, facilitating the essential connection between German medical care providers and English-speaking parents. To ensure they have ample time to spend time with you, answering your questions, listening to you, and holding your space, Annie takes on only three birth clients per month.


Recently, Annie studied pathways to conception, and supporting fertility with Birthing Beyond the Binary. In this queer- and trans- centered group of birth workers, they learned about primal sequencing and conscious family building. Their additional qualifications include Red Cross certifications (current since 2008) in Lifeguarding and Adult & Pediatric CPR for the Professional Rescuer.

Gently assisting Katie and baby Cleo to find their first breastfeeding latch. 

In further professional training, including an Ausbildung with The Women School, Annie has practiced soulful perspectives and practices to support the perinatal journey, including​​

  • connecting with the unborn

  • guiding journeys and visualisations as processing & healing work

  • connecting with guides—parents’ and baby's

  • conscious conception

  • trauma-informed perinatal care 

  • the doula's role when survivors give birth

Annie enjoys providing healing womb massage to clients 6 weeks or beyond postpartum. Furthermore, Annie is passionate about providing fertility awareness counselling to families wishing to become pregnant, or people with wombs seeking to avoid pregnancy without the use of hormonal contraception.

When not serving as a doula, Annie works with Camalo Gaskin as a writer and community organiser for the Berlin-based birth rights advocacy organisation, Birth to Birth. Together, they curate conferences and continuing education opportunities for birth workers, doctors and parents. Through this work, Annie engages with the global conversation around human rights in childbirth through meaningful scholarship, community building, and creative exchange, utilising their background in empathetic leadership and non-violent communication.

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